RES services many markets in the real estate and construction industries.

Condos / Private Residence

Whether renovating a condo/private residence in Manhattan or other areas, RES has the attention to detail and follow-up skills required to complete your home construction Project.


Retail stores showcase the branding that every company desires. They have details like non other and fast track schedules. RES strives in these environments to successfully complete any retail store.

High Rise Residential

High rise residential construction is as much of a work of art as it is a construction Project. RES knows the process and methods required to successfully complete buildings with many units.

Veterinary Hospitals

RES has successfully completed over a dozen Veterinary Hospitals throughout the North East. We work with some of the best Vet Architects in the country to build practices that are successful inside and out. Many of our hospitals have been entered in Vet Economics Hospital of the Year competition. We know the specific requirements that are unique to veterinary medicine to offer our clients the latest information in terms of design and construction of new Veterinary Hospitals.

Special Projects

Every once in a while there are projects that don’t fit into the “regular” categories. RES has completed many special projects including building an Embassy for a foreign government as well as managing the gas restoration project for flat iron high rise building. With our unique and special skills, RES can take on whatever project you may have in store.

Commercial Ground-Up

There is nothing simple taking buildings out of the ground in the NYC metro area. Dealing with the neighboring properties, DOB regulations and the obstacles of getting materials to and from the site is always a challenge that RES enjoys.

Real Estate Development

RES advises Developers on buying land, financing real estate deals, and building projects. RES guides Owners in creating, imagining, controlling, and orchestrating the process of development from the beginning to end.