Our process consists of tracking, reviewing, and orchestrating the project, no matter the market. Quality, time, and money are the key vitals we monitor for success.

Custom Homes

Together, we can build or renovate to create the house of your dreams. At RES we have the vision, experience and skills to make your custom dream home a reality.

Apartment Renovations

From renovating a Manhattan townhouse to an apartment in Brooklyn — and everywhere in between — RES has the attention to detail and follow-up skills to complete your home construction project on time and on budget.


Retail stores showcase the branding that every company desires. They have details like non other and fast track schedules. RES strives in these environments to successfully complete any retail store.

Residential Apartment Buildings

At RES, high-rise residential construction projects are like works of art. We know first-hand the process and methods required to successfully complete buildings with a high quantity of units. We understand the significance of staying on schedule and keeping the project moving safely and efficiently to completion.

Veterinary Hospitals

RES has successfully completed dozens of veterinary hospitals, working with award-winning Veterinary Architects across the country to build practices from the inside-out. Many of our veterinary facilities have been entered in the Veterinary Economics Hospital design competitions with some winners. We understand the specific requirements that are unique to veterinary medicine and can we offer our clients the latest technology in the design and construction of their new facility.

Special Projects

Every once in a while, there are projects that don’t fit into the “regular” market segments. RES has completed many special projects, including the construction of an Embassy for a Foreign Government, as well managing the gas restoration project for a Flatiron high-rise building. With our unique and specialized skills, RES can help you with your project that is not your typical construction assignment.

Commercial Ground-Up

Pouring foundations, underpinning and excavation work with adjoining buildings in New York City is not the simplest endeavor. Obtaining access agreements, dealing with neighboring properties, DOB regulations, and the obstacles of construction pose a challenge to any construction manager. Luckily, RES has been engaged in many projects that have faced these challenges and have been completed safely and successfully.

Real Estate Development

RES consults with experienced developers and those looking to begin developing portfolios to advise on whether a particular site can be profitable. We assist in the acquisition of land, financing and pro-forma development of project sites. With our experience we can organize the project team necessary, oversee construction and assist in the marketing of the property. We guide owners in the creating and orchestrating process in the development of land from the beginning to the end.

Health Care

RES has previously been involved with the construction of state-of-the-art health care facilities.

High Rise Residential

High rise residential construction is as much of a work of art as it is a construction Project. RES knows the process and methods required to successfully complete buildings with many units.

Building Trust