Construction management in the practice of professional management applied to the planning, design, and construction of projects for the purpose of achieving design objectives including meeting the schedule, scope and quality goals. At RES, the essence of good construction management is professionalism and teamwork. RES serves all clients with honesty, integrity and objectivity. We provide our services with competence, using reasonable care, skill and diligence consistent with the interests of our clients.

Looking out for the owner’s interests

Looking out for your interests

Monitoring the plan and the budget

Monitoring the plan and the budget

Managing the project team

Managing the project team

RES acts on behalf of owners to expedite the design, development and construction process. We manage resources and keep our clients’ goals in focus while making the decisions required to coordinate the activities of those who are critical to the project.

At RES, our philosophy is simply stated in 3 words: plan, organize and control. Our planning is logical, thorough and honest which leads to a greater chance of a successful Project.

  • Project organization
  • Define Project requirements
  • Create scopes of work
  • Quality assurance management
  • Project Budget
  • Facilitate issue resolution
  • Manage the Project Team
  • Monitor schedule & budget
  • Provide reporting
  • Project Close Out
RES manages the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion.

We aim to exceed our clients’ requirements to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within budget and built to the highest quality standards.

  • On-site management
  • Cost estimating & value engineering
  • Phasing/milestones/scheduling
  • GC requirements
  • Bid procurement process
  • Leadership of meetings
  • Contract administration
  • Quality insurance enforcement
  • Issue avoidance and dispute resolution
  • Progress and financial reporting
  • Project documentation and digital file maintenance
  • Change order management
  • Contract close out
RES manages and expedites the design, development and construction of projects on behalf of project owners.

Pre — Construction
  • Scope definition & program management
  • Establishing communication protocols
  • Budget development
  • Master schedule development
  • Site selection assistance
  • Architect/engineer selection advisory
  • Special consultants selection advisory
  • Development of project-specific website
  • Cost estimating & value engineering
  • Identifying phasing options & setting milestone
  • Constructability reviews
  • Contract requirements advisory
  • Bid phase management
  • Scheduling & schedule monitoring
  • Cost control oversight
  • On-site coordination
  • Leadership of coordination meetings
  • Contract administration & management
  • Progress & financial reporting
  • Project document & digital file maintenance
  • Change order management
  • Open item tracking & reporting
  • Issue avoidance & dispute resolution
  • Contract close-out supervision
  • Commissioning oversight
RES advises developers on buying land, financing real estate deals, and building projects. RES guides Owners in creating, imagining, controlling, and orchestrating the process of development from the beginning to end.

  • Zoning Analysis
  • Design Options
  • Financing
  • Permitting
  • Dispute resolution
  • Project Leader with all team members
  • Procure contractors to execute development
Construction Claims

Benefit from our experience.
Our extensive knowledge comes from working on construction and real estate development projects of all sizes.
Our evaluations come with an understanding of the technical aspects of construction and how they impact your
claim. Whether you are an owner, Contractor or Surety company, RES can help you decide when to file and how to
handle claims filed against you.

  • Claim preparation & evaluation
  • Damage calculations & assessments
  • Evaluation of design errors, omissions & scope changes
  • Loss of efficiency & productivity calculations
  • Schedule impact analysis
Cost Estimating & Management

With many years creating and managing construction budgets, we have the hands-on-experience that benefits our clients.
We know what costs to expect and how to make the decisions associated with keeping a project within budget.

  • Conceptual estimates
  • Pre-bid estimates
  • Project & program budgets
  • Life cycle costs projections
  • Value engineering cost estimates
  • Phasing bid packages
  • Analyzing bids & scope reviews
  • Developing schedule of values
  • Assessing progress payments
  • Estimating & review of change orders
  • Preparing costs to complete
  • Quantity take-offs
Dispute Resolution

Our expert consulting and forensic services include detailed, objective analysis of the issues, recommendations
for completion of work, and a focused approach toward settlement, mediation, and arbitration. Our objective is
to work with disputing parties negotiate a resolution in order to minimize or avoid the time, cost and personal
disruption associated with lengthy litigation.

  • Project neutral advisor
  • Settlement negotiation assistance
  • Mediation & arbitration services
  • Independent second expert opinion services
Litigation Support

Litigation support requires information that is clear, concise and objective…

RES Consulting NYC, Inc. is experienced with the legal process unique to real estate and construction and
provides the objective and technical assessment needed to reach resolution. From mediation, arbitration and
litigation consulting to expert testimony, our services provide support for every phase of the dispute
resolution process, to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

  • Expert reports & testimony
  • Demonstrative evidence development
  • Trial-quality exhibits & graphic presentations
  • Assistance with determining presentation strategies
  • Electronic document management & keyword indexing
  • Preparation of issues file
  • Preparation of technical deposition & trial questions for witnesses
  • Preparation of/responses to technical interrogatories
  • Development of technical sections of briefs

We create and manage workable, practical schedules for real estate development and construction projects.
Knowing what to expect at each stage means we provide realistic timeframes, and coordinate all aspect of a project to ensure smooth transitions from one phase to the next.

  • Master program schedules
  • Design phase schedules
  • Construction phase schedules
  • Look-ahead and recovery schedules
  • Progress certification schedules (percent complete)
  • Review of schedules by others regarding delay & disruption claims
Risk Management

In design and construction, risk analysis requires a systematic, continuous process to monitor occurrences which may substantially affect the end product…
RES Consulting NYC, Inc. identifies, quantifies, models, manages and monitors these risks. Our comprehensive, ongoing assessment of all contracts, parties, and related variables tell us when to introduce corrective actions, monetary contingency, and schedule float to minimize losses to the project and increase the likelihood of completion on schedule and within budget.

  • CPM scheduling services
  • Change order negotiations validation
  • Contract document review
  • Payment specification
  • Project controls development, review & oversight
  • Project monitoring
  • Project documentation audits
  • Peer review of existing PM/CM team
  • Periodic progress reviews
  • Risk register creation & monitoring


Ross Spivak, President
(917) 208–0570

  • OSHA 30-hour Certified
  • Hazardous Materials Operations Qualified
  • Essentials of Fire Fighting Qualified
  • Primaries of Fire Fighting Qualified

DUNS: 83-2240548
CAGE: 979D8


541611: Administrative Management and General Management


236210: Industrial Building Construction
236220: Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
531390: Other Activities Related to Real Estate
541618: Other Management Consulting Services
561110: Office Administrative Services
561499: All Other Business Support Services
561210: Facilities Support Services
561790: Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings
624230: Emergency and Other Relief Services (FEMA related)

RES understands and appreciates working with governmental agencies. We are here to support the needs of our country as they relate to construction project management. We are a federally approved vendor.

  • Fast, friendly and diligent customer service
  • Impeccable reputation
  • Reliability—you can trust us
  • Convenience and flexibility—we work around your schedule
  • Reasonable pricing—big firm services on a small firm budget


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